Is It Halloween? - Well, is it?

Halloween Radio - An online radio station that plays Halloween songs year-round, with different channels ranging from oldies to more atmospheric songs. You might even be listening to it right now!

Kandy Koated Kackles - Complete collection of Halloween playlists by Zach Bellissimo

Pumpkin Gutter - Gallery of elaborately carved pumpkins by the artist Scott Cummins

Zombie Pumpkins - Pumpkin carving patterns, stencils, and tutorials

Instructables: Halloween - Instructables Halloween section

Monster Page of Halloween Project Links - A massive list of Halloween DIY projects, non-profit.

Linda's Haunted Halloween - Another Halloween themed site, there's a lot here to explore. Too much to put into a site description, check it out for yourself!

Spirit Halloween - Spirit Halloween's official website

Halloween Google Doodles - Archive of every Halloween-themed Google doodle from 1999-2021.


Creepypasta Wiki - (14+) The home of many classic Creepypasta stories. Stories may vary in quality.

Creepy Tales from the land of /b/ - (14+) Creepy stories sourced from 4chan's /b/ board. Because it's 4chan, expect frequent use of strong language and other potentially offensive content. Some of my favorite stories can be found here.

SCP Foundation - Another classic. A collabrative writing project centered around a fictitious organization known as the SCP Foundation. Much like the previous entries, articles may vary in quality.

Scary for Kids - Despite it's name, this site is scary for all ages.

Castle of Spirits - Various paranormal stories

Ted's Caving Page - A caver named Ted recounts his bizarre experiences exploring a local cave.

Search For 'Mel's Hole' In Washington Continues - Similar to Ted's Caving Page. A story about a bottomless hole known only as 'Mel's Hole', rumored to be able to bring dead animals back to life.

Ever Dream Of This Man? - The man of your dreams, have you seen him?

The Difference - A chatlog.

annie96 is typing... - Another chatlog.

Bongcheon Dong Ghost Horang - Infamous Korean horror webcomic about a young girl walking home from school. Contains jumpscares.

NES Godzilla Creepypasta - One of my all-time favorite gaming Creepypastas.

Polybius - Mysterious 80's arcade game said to have induced mind-altering effects and physical sickness in it's players.

The Dionaea House (Archive)



136 Creepy Wikipedia Articles - Massive list of creepy, morbid, and bizarre Wikipedia articles. Content varies by article.

Find Haunted Houses - Tool for finding Haunted House attractions near you!

Pookatoo - Gothic/spooky/Halloween glitter text generator.

MakeSweet Jack O' LanternJack O' Lantern GIF generator with the option to upload your own photos as the pumpkin's design, as well as input your own text.

EverythingScary - A site dedicated to all things scary.

Screamer Wiki - Wiki dedicated to the internet phenomenon known as Screamers, also known as jumpscares. Way more interesting then it has any right to be.

GTA Myths - Wiki dedicated to urban legends surrounding the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


Bogleech - Bogleech's Halloween section

Halloween Ideas - Halloween themed site with history, folklore, games, recipes, music, media recs, and so much more.

The Horror GIF Necronomicon - Massive organized collection of Horror and Halloween themed graphics. Also includes backgrounds, page dividers, music, and sounds effects.

Kreepy Key's Halloween Horrortorium - Another Halloween themed site with web resources, music, recipes, and so much more.