I'm Glitchy, and this is my Halloween-themed website!

I also have a personal site, but it is currently inactive.

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year, and growing up on the internet, it was also one of my favorite times to be online. Reading creepypastas, watching fake ghost sighting videos on YouTube, browsing through Halloween themed websites with crafts, stories, and downloadables, and seeing what new flash games were being posted on places like Newgrounds and NotDoppler. Even "normal" sites would get in on the fun, completely changing their looks (and sometimes function) to fit with the season.

However, with the rise of smartphones and social media, those sorts of experiences are hard to come by. Most people spend time on two or three websites run by big companies who couldn't care less about fun. So I decided to make a site, both in an attempt to bring back some of that online Halloween spirit and to express my love for the holiday.

Much like my personal site, this site is (and will always be) under construction. It's pretty bare-BONES right now, but I still hope you enjoy what I have so far! Have fun exploring and Happy Halloween!


If you take a look through the 'Halloween' tag on Neocities, you'll see that I am far from the only person on Neocities with a site like this. While I have no intention of copying those other sites, I did take inspiration from them, and want to give credit where credit is due. Go check them out!

Shoutout to Key of Key's Klubhouse and Kreepy Key's Halloween Horrotorium, who's sites motivated me to give Neocities another go, as well as giving me the idea to embed Halloween Radio as part of my sidebar.

Shoutout to Skid of SKIDZONE, who's code I used as reference for how to embed Flash games with Ruffle, and also inadvertenly saving me storage space by reminding me Oh Crap I Can Just Use Github To Host Flash Games Can't I.......

Shoutout to EGGRAMEN, who's Fake WP 2 template I am currently using for the layout of this website.

Shoutout to Bogleech, who's unabashed love for all things creepy and crawly encouraged me to be more open about my passions, no matter how eccentric they may seem. We need more passionate people in the world, after all.

And finally, shoutouts to you, dear user, for deciding to check out my little corner of the internet. It really does mean a lot to me!